Vdia Travel & Tours - Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Vdia Travel & Tours, your trusted partner in exploring the unparalleled beauty of Pakistan through exceptional travel experiences. Before embarking on your journey with us, we kindly request you to thoroughly read and agree to our carefully crafted Terms and Conditions.
1. Changes to Plans
At Vdia Travel & Tours, we prioritize your satisfaction and safety. In rare circumstances, the host may cancel a trip for reasons deemed appropriate. Should this occur, registered participants will receive a full refund of their payment. During the trip,
unforeseen circumstances beyond our control might impact the itinerary. While we strive to provide a smooth experience, please understand that management cannot be held responsible for changes due to factors such as weather, local politics, or transport
Situations like adverse weather conditions, local events, or logistical challenges might necessitate adjustments to the itinerary. Rest assured, any alterations will be made with the best interests of the group in mind.
2. Strictly Prohibited Activities
We maintain a zero-tolerance policy for any behavior reflecting moral or character failings during our activities. Engaging in drug-related activities, including possession
and sale, is strictly prohibited. Violation of this rule will result in immediate expulsion from the trip without any refund. Indiscipline, violent behavior, or actions unbecoming of a responsible traveler will lead to termination from the trip without any refund. Smoking is not permitted in the transport vehicle. Participants are required to seek permission before capturing images of fellow travelers, especially females. Unauthorized photography will result in permanent confiscation of the memory card. 

3. Respect and Privacy
Vdia Travel & Tours places the utmost importance on respecting the dignity and privacy of all participants. Special consideration and respect should be given to senior citizens, females, and transgender individuals at all times. Priority seats are reserved for
individuals with specific needs, such as senior citizens, physically disabled, pregnant women, and families with infants. We emphasize adherence to local norms, traditions, and cultural sensitivities. Appropriate disposal of garbage and preservation of the environment is essential throughout the trip. Religious and political discussions should be conducted with sensitivity and respect.
4. Rights of Management
In some cases, Vdia Travel & Tours may collaborate with other reputable tourism companies. Management retains the right to assign or rearrange seating in the vehicle.
Photographs taken during events may be used for electronic and digital media, with the option to blur faces if desired. Food menu decisions will be made by the management.
5. Unforeseen Circumstances
In cases of road closures due to heavy snowfall or landslides, vehicle charges will not be covered by Vdia Travel & Tours. Air conditioning may be turned off during steep ascents in mountainous areas to prevent overheating. Unforeseen breakdowns of vehicles, hotels, or club equipment will not be the responsibility of management. In case of damage to vehicles, equipment, or hotels caused by participants, the responsible individual will be held liable for repairs. Participants arriving before check-in time will patiently wait for rooms.
6. Insurance & Natural Disasters
Travel insurance is not included in the tour price; participants should arrange coverage independently. While we prioritize safety, natural disasters and accidents
are unforeseeable risks that participants should consider. Extra costs incurred due to unforeseen events are not the responsibility of Vdia Travel & Tours. Participants are responsible for personal belongings; any theft, loss, or damage is not the liability of management.
7. Cancellation & Booking Policy
Booking terms and conditions include details about cancellation and refund policies. Cancellation difficulties can be resolved by contacting our customer service. Cancellation penalties may apply to tours cancelled after specified deadlines. Participants bear the cost of any booking or cancellation fees for unused services. Vdia travel & tours reserves the right to decline bookings without liability for resulting losses. Refund processing times may vary; corporate/customized tours may take 15-25 working days. Cancellation policies are subject to change and depend on hotel policies. We encourage you to review these terms to ensure a comprehensive understanding of your journey with Vdia Travel & Tours. Your safety, satisfaction, and the exceptional quality of your experience are our top priorities.
Explore. Discover. Experience. Vdia Travel & Tours.

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