Saiqa Kaur

Introducing Saiqa Kaur, an valued member of our travel team, whose dynamic talents and cultural expertise uplift our journeys, blending heritage and tourism seamlessly.
Saiqa Kaur, a achiever in Punjabi theater, serves as a versatile consultant, writer, and director. Her magnetic performances have graced prestigious platforms such as UNDP, UNICEF, IRC, Dastak, CWS, Plan Pakistan, and Mojaz Foundation. As the Executive Director of Lok Vehar Development Org, Saiqa enthusiastically advocates for Punjabi theater, leveraging it to promote peace and interfaith harmony within society.
A dedicated peace builder, social activist, and human rights defender, Saiqa thoroughly works towards justice and equality.
Saiqa’s expertise extends to the exploration of Punjabi festivals, where she delves into the rich heritage of Punjabi traditions. Her meticulous research adds a cultural dimension to our travel experiences, allowing you to connect with the history and traditions of the places you visit.

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