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Attain a letter of invitation from the Pakistan Sikh Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (PSGPC). This can be requested directly from PSGPC via email at etpbshrines@yahoo.com  or through a reliable Pakistani tour operator. Opting for the latter is recommended for simplicity and time-saving. Ensure you have essential details like your passport information, Pakistan itinerary, father’s name, occupation, and Hotel / Residential details ready before applying.

Once you receive the PSGPC invitation letter (within ten days), proceed to apply for your Pakistan e-visa. The entire application process is online, eliminating the need to visit the Pakistan High Commission or Consulate in person. The application requires details such as your three years’ travel history, so keep your previous passports accessible. You will also need information about a Pakistani citizen who will sponsor your visit – often your tour operator. Apply for the e-visa online at visa.nadra.gov.pk , with a fee of $60.

After applying, regularly check your email inbox, including spam, as you may receive additional document requests, such as a photo of your driver’s license. Expect to receive the visa within ten days. Once obtained, print the visa and carry it with you on your journey.

The entire process typically takes around twenty days, but it may be longer if you’re applying close to Gurpurab or Vaisakhi. It is advisable to start the process well in advance to avoid any delays in your travel plans.

A: Booking a tour with us is easy! Simply visit our website, browse through our available tours, and follow the booking instructions. You can also reach out to our customer service team for assistance.

A: Our tour packages typically include accommodation, transportation, guided tours, and specified activities. Details may vary, so we recommend checking the specific inclusions listed for each tour on our website or contacting our team at vdiatours@gmail.com for clarification.

A: Generally, our tour packages do not include international or domestic flights. However, we can assist you in finding the best flight options and provide guidance on coordinating your travel arrangements.

A: Once you’ve booked a tour, you will receive detailed information, including an itinerary and contact details for our support team. Additionally, any updates or changes will be communicated through email or our customer portal.

A: Yes, we often provide group discounts for bookings with a certain number of participants. Contact our customer service team to inquire about group rates and promotions.

A: It is advisable to plan and book your trip well in advance to secure the best availability and prices. so we recommend booking at least a few months ahead.

A: A customized tour is tailored to your specific preferences, while a scheduled tour follows a pre-planned itinerary with set dates, activities, and group departures. We offer both options to cater to different travel styles.

A: Yes, Pakistan is generally considered safe for travel, and we prioritize the safety of our travelers by adhering to recommended guidelines.

A: Hiring a tour company provides expert itinerary planning, local insights, and a hassle-free experience, ensuring a smoother journey with curated activities and accommodations.

A: The number of travelers on a tour can vary, and our tours are designed to accommodate different group sizes. Group sizes can impact the overall cost, as larger groups may qualify for special discounts, while smaller, more intimate tours may have a different pricing structure. For detailed information on how group size may affect the cost of a specific tour, please contact our customer service team for personalized assistance.

A: Yes, our tour guides are well-versed in the local language and possess a deep understanding of the customs and culture of the destinations we visit. Fluent in the native language, they provide valuable insights, ensuring a more immersive and authentic experience for our travelers. Their local knowledge enhances the overall journey, allowing you to connect with the destination on a deeper level.

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