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Vdia Travel and Tours is a reputable company that has been dedicated to promoting religious tourism in Pakistan for the past 20 years. Our focus lies particularly in exploring and rejoicing Sikh history and heritage. Pakistan boasts numerous Guru Ghar (Gurdwaras) scattered across various cities, and over the last two decades, we’ve welcomed pilgrims from around the world who seek to immerse themselves in this rich cultural tapestry. Our commitment extends beyond just guiding tours; we prioritize the comfort and needs of our guests.Whether it’s arranging accommodations, Vegetarian meals, facilitating visits to Guru Ghars for darshan, exploring historical forts, or taking visitors back to their family villages before the partition, our dedicated team is always attentive.20% We understand the importance of these journeys in understanding and appreciating one’s roots and culture. We don’t just see Sikh history; we perceive it through the eyes of Sikh ethos and tradition. When you travel with us, you’re not just a tourist; you are part of our family. We invite you to experience our services that resonate with the warmth and care you’d expect from your own kin. Our aim is to make your journey a deeply meaningful and enlightening one, where you’ll not only witness history but also gain a profound understanding of Sikh traditions and values. Join us on this transformative journey, just as you would with your own family.

Gurdham Darshan Yatra


2 Cities and 14 Gurdwara Sahib)
“During this tour, within 3 days, you will visit 14 Gurdwara Sahibs across two cities. This journey will amplify your experience of the existing Gurdwara Sahibs in Pakistan.

Smart Yatra

(6 cities and 17 Gurdwara Sahib and Shopping at Lahore in 6 Days)
“This tour is our highly renowned tour where you will visit 6 cities and 17 Gurdwara Sahibs. Along with this, you’ll also explore the colors of Lahore city.”

Cultivated Yatra

(9 cities and 20 Gurdwara Sahib, 2 forts, with Shopping at Lahore in Days)

“This tour is our highly acclaimed itinerary where you’ll visit 9 cities and 20 Gurdwara Sahibs. Additionally, visits to Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s Haveli, Hari Singh Nalwa’s residence, Sher
Shah Suri’s fort, special requests can includeT illa Jogian, and a visit to the capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad. We’ll also arrange a visit to Bhagat Singh’s house. Alongside these, you’ll
get to experience the vibrant colors of Lahore city.”


Sukhbir Singh Sandhu

“My name is Sukhbir Singh Sandhu, and I came from the USA. I was recommended by my friend Pabla. I had expected a different feeling

in a new country with new people, but when I
met them, I didn’t feel away from home. I found an atmosphere like my family here; everything was wonderful.”

Pritpal Singh

“I am from New Jersey, and our beloved Sardar Gurmeet Singh has expressed profound affection for . He has conveyed his love through a thoughtful invitation letter, ensuring that the arrangements for the hotel and vehicle are comfortable. Importantly, he has also provided detailed information about the Gurdwara Sahib. Every aspect has been meticulously planned, and we will forever hold dear the love we’ve been showered with.”

Harbans Singh Dhillon

SSA Ji my wife and me were initially hesitant about coming to Pakistan, as we had heard a lot of frightening stories. However, upon reaching Pakistan, Vdia travel and tour team treated
us very well. They guided us extensively and facilitated our visit to the Gurdwaras. I am pleased to say that we had a wonderful experience, and I pray that everyone gets the
opportunity to visit the Gurdwaras in Pakistan.


Gurmeet Singh

Gurmeet Singh, the CEO of VDIA Travel and Tours, is a pioneering figure as the first Pakistani Sikh RJ with over 22 years in the tourism industry. His background as a documentary director

Raja Waqar

Raja Waqar is an acclaimed journalist from Jhelum. He has been actively involved in Print, Investigative and Broadcast Journalism for over two decades. He has major contributions inĀ 

Saiqa Kaur

Introducing Saiqa Kaur, an valued member of our travel team, whose dynamic talents and cultural expertise uplift our journeys, blending heritage and tourism seamlessly.

Amjad Pervaiz

Amjad Pervaiz is a multi-talented and multi-faceted person who wears two hats with the same style. He is the CEO at AZM Technologies which is a leading web development company.


Tania, a former teacher turned Digital Researcher and Correspondent at VDIA Travel and Tours, seamlessly mergers her educational expertise with a passion for digital exploration.

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